UK FINANCE / VERMEG Webinar: The PRA110 – What you need to know, and do, now

Online Webinar

23 Oct, 2018
11:00-12:00 (BST)

Join the 23rd October UK Finance webinar to learn more about the complex and granular PRA110 report, covering detailed cash resources to cover cashflow obligations.

PRA110 enables PRA to monitor cashflow mismatches and bridges the gap between the existing Liquidity Coverage Ratio and EBA AMM C66 Maturity Ladder: LCR does not test daily outflows and does not look beyond 30 days; C66 does not break-out enough detail. Furthermore, the current framework includes liquidity risks not properly covered under Pillar 1. So, PRA is sweeping these into Pillar 2 and the new reporting introduces tens of thousands of data points. Larger firms with weekly reporting and other firms going monthly from July 2019 will require new production quality industrialised reporting processes.

This timely webinar in partnership with Vermeg, formerly Lombard Risk, will delve into the preparations firms need to make:

  • PRA110 vs 047/048 – what’s new and why are the PRA asking for this information?
  • PRA110 vs C66 – again, what’s new and why is the new information needed?
  • Review of the biggest challenges in preparing the PRA110
  • What is the ideal production environment for the PRA110, especially given the dramatic change in volumes? Who else (which departments, which management approvals) need to get involved in sign-off for the first time?
  • Key project plan milestones for implementation.

Participants will learn about:

  • What is the PRA110?
  • Who has to complete the return?
  • When is the reporting date and the submission date?
  • What are the key challenges in preparing the report?


  • Andrew Kesbey, Vermeg, formerly Lombard Risk
  • James Phillips, Vermeg, formerly Lombard Risk

Who should attend?

  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Head of Regulatory Reporting
  • Regulatory Reporting team
  • Regulatory Change Management team
  • ALM team and heads of liquidity management
  • Operational risk teams
  • Compliance Officer/Head of Compliance
  • Chief Risk Officers & Risk managers