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Why the time has come for the buy-side to take control of its collateral

Author: Helen Nicol, Global Product Director, Lombard Risk

From March 2017 the regulatory environment for buy-side firms is set to get tougher. This puts additional pressure on buy-side firms that will need to look at new ways to be compliant while keeping control of headcount, minimising fixed costs and reducing the impact on fund performance.

To address these upcoming changes, Lombard Risk is launching a cloud-based collateral management solution that helps the buy-side navigate the increasingly complex regulatory landscape.

Today’s launch of AgileCOLLATERAL gives buy-side firms the agility to “turn-on” a collateral-in-a-box solution that is hosted by cloud technology and eliminates the need for onsite installation and infrastructure costs. It can be up and running in as little as a day.

This solution will be an instrumental change for smaller buy-side players giving them control over the management of their collateral processes – key in ensuring the strongest capital base for the firm. AgileCOLLATERAL has been developed to be intuitive.  The solution requires minimal training, allows firms to add asset classes as needed and scale up over time to handle more complexity and volume, and can be implemented in layers to control costs to match business needs.

At Lombard Risk we have been working alongside buy-side clients to develop a system that addresses their specific needs while providing the same level of functionality of our market leading COLLINE solution.  This allows buy-side firms to reduce the high cost of collateral management and redirect resources to better serve investors.

As a leading provider of integrated collateral management and regulatory reporting solutions for the financial services industry, we are always looking to address new demands in the marketplace based on industry and customer needs.

We will continue to help our clients to stay at the forefront of regulatory and industry change.  With the right solutions in place, regulation can be seen as opportunity for firms to implement best practices and utilise the latest technology to make this easy to implement.  Now is the time for the buy-side firms to take control of its collateral.

For more details about AgileCOLLATERAL, please click HERE.