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Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review & FR Y-14

The Federal Reserve’s annual Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR) is an intensive assessment of the capital adequacy of US Bank Holding Companies (BHC) with consolidated assets of $50 billion or more. Under the rule, a BHC must submit a capital plan and FR Y-14 schedules as supporting information to the Federal Reserve to the Federal Reserve annually. Lombard Risk AgileREPORTER provides FR Y-14 solutions.

The Lombard Risk AgileREPORTER supports the frequent movement of extremely high volumes of complex data, creating and validating the transmission for FR Y-14 schedules filing to US Federal Reserve. There is an array of management tools to deliver both the regulatory reporting and the workflow and management approval and attestation processes required.

CCAR evaluates the capital planning processes and capital adequacy of large financial institutions through quantitative and qualitative assessments. The qualitative assessment evaluates the strength of each firm’s capital planning process. The quantitative assessment evaluates each’s firm’s capital adequacy, based on hypothetical scenarios of severe economic and financial market stress.

A BHC must report to the Federal Reserve the results of stress tests conducted by the BHC under supervisory scenarios provided by the Federal Reserve and under a baseline scenario and a stress scenario designed by the BHC (BHC baseline and BHC stress scenarios). These stress tests assess the sources and uses of capital under baseline and stressed economic and financial market conditions.

Beside the capital plan, a BHC is required to submit supporting information that is necessary to facilitate review of a BHC’s capital plan under the Board’s capital plan rule and in accordance with the FR Y-14 instructions. In general, all BHCs are required to report all data elements in the FR Y-14 schedules.

A BHC is expected to have procedures in place for meeting the accuracy requirements of the FR Y-14A, FR Y-14Q, and FR Y-14M forms and should be able to evaluate the results of such procedures. Lombard Risk AgileREPORTER delivers these requirements.

Lombard Risk AgileREPORTER US reporting:

  • Collect granular and complex data requirements, validated and formatted
  • Ongoing maintenance & implementation ensuring you are always up to date
  • Delivers embedded regulatory reporting production process, reducing risk
  • Ensures management has a comprehensive view of reporting status, trends & change analysis
  • Delivers single solution for end-to-end reporting with streamlined workflow & exception management

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