AgileREPORTER goes beyond delivering reporting computations into today’s regulatory templates. The solution takes your data and creates a dynamic information management framework that supports reporting requirements across multiple jurisdictions and, in addition, will provide your business with timely management information dashboards.  From one set of data – including internal capital, risk or valuation engines – our end-to-end automated solution generates all the information outputs the business and regulators need.

AgileREPORTER includes powerful data management tools to deliver the information advantage to your business:

  • End-to-end processing gives confidence in the accuracy and timeliness of reports, with intervention required on an ‘exceptions only’ basis
  • Highly configurable interface enables you to set your own data tolerances, layers of visibility, key performance metrics and security clearances
  • Exception triggers provide complete control over where the thresholds for management alerts are set, enabling continuous process improvement
  • Online access puts your team in control of your AgileREPORTER solution from any location, whether the solution is hosted on-site or in the Cloud
  • Multi-entity configurable dashboard allows authorized personnel to view and action exceptions from anywhere, anytime – automatically focusing management attention on the matters that need it
  • Management information provides access to reports at both local and consolidated levels, at any time
  • Analysis and attestation delivers highly specific trend, variance, ratio and enquiry tools that enable a library of key sign-off reports to become an established part of your report approval process

Speed – rapid adjustment to meet regulatory changes in major markets

Visibility – transparency through to granular data reporting logic

Automation – tolerance-based straight-through processing with tailored workflow

Freedom – from time-consuming, error-prone manual spreadsheet analysis and costly system upgrades to meet
new regulatory requirements

Scalability – to easily accommodate new business units and geographic regions

Flexibility – to adapt to changes in your business model

Versatility – for the whole firm, from local business unit to consolidated group

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Fully automated, yet customisable.

AgileREPORTER is designed with a flexible, automated multi-stage process that ensures accuracy and confidence through clear visibility and precise exception management across the whole end-to-end regulatory reporting process – from data gathering to attestation and submission.

With full data lineage and transparency, we meet the demands of all stakeholders. With a common global platform, wherever you operate you are able to work with the same solution – to consolidate activities, minimise duplication, cost and resources, whilst maximising accuracy, speed and value.


Data Capture, Transformation and Management

A powerful regulatory reporting data management interface underpins and manages flow of any mix of data into AgileREPORTER.

  • Automatically manages as much or as little data correction as required
  • Multiple powerful data management rules enrich or add data, automating manual amendments for known data issues
  • Enables loading and normalisation of data from multiple data sources and formats, from text to spreadsheets to databases
  • Interface files can be provided in any format saving substantial effort and ensuring even greater transparency in audit trails


Powerful algorithms interpret the data coming through the system and run a number of calculations based on the latest regulations.

  • Comprehensive coverage of all key regulatory ratios including capital adequacy (market risk, credit risk, operational risk, interest rate risk etc), liquidity coverage ratio (LCR), large exposures, leverage and other computations
  • Detailed statistical reporting to support balance sheet, profit and loss, maturity analysis, and country, currency, industry, customer type and all other relevant analyses
  • Auditable computation logs, with transparent and documented calculation rules, provides for easy confidence around treatment of data
  • Highly scalable for global volume processing enables expansion to other business units and geographies as your reporting requirements change


Provides graphical presentation of all ratios, variances and trends for management insight into key issues for improved management reporting.

  • Variance Analyser delivers powerful automated comparison of a report to any previous instance, and tools investigates and records the reasons for variances
  • Trends Analyser enables automated reporting and analysis of trends in totals, individual cells or user-defined ratios providing key tools for drilling into the reasons and reporting accordingly


Automated Straight-Through Processing and Exception-Based Management for all reporting functions ensures that manual intervention is needed only when absolutely necessary.

  • Comprehensive user-definable workflow processes enable any specific mix of operational approval gates for attestation and approvals
  • Data load and report validation performance metrics give dwell times for corrections by branch or business unit, thus enabling rapid improvement in operational processing
  • Automated hand-over between colleagues, teams, departments, overseas units, according to workflow events provides streamlined operation efficiency

Multi-jurisdictional Dashboard

The control dashboard provides users with a personalised action view with powerful work prioritisation tools and key performance information to aid in operational enhancement and mitigate regulatory submission risk.

  • Real-time, multi-unit view of report monitoring status, on a global and multi-branch basis, enabling accelerated targeting of key action items
  • Powerful management view providing focus on key upcoming priority actions
  • Heat maps showing concentrations of validation or other errors, such as data volume load exceptions or user-definable tolerances, expedite rapid corrective action
  • Single view of multiple regulators for centralised group-level, regional, or business level control

Activity Management

Provides a structured prioritisation of outstanding tasks to be completed to stay ahead of regulatory risk.

  • Detailed, user-level, automated prioritised action list for now, next day, soon
  • Viewable at group level – all tasks for multiple locations and business units; or per user
  • Performance information provides data load and report validation error metrics by branch, business unit or user
  • Event recording, including dwell times, enables rapid improvement in operational processing


Through the end-to-end automation of AgileREPORTER, regulatory returns can be filed electronically with confidence.

  • Form and data schedule-based reporting outputs provide support for both regulatory and internal reporting
  • Extensive hierarchical reporting at any business unit enables solo or consolidated reporting and reporting at any unit level within a legal entity
  • Multi-lingual forms and user interface are differentiated according to locale or user preferences
  • Detailed management information at each level of sign off, including final attestation approvals, provides information on all manual amendments, variance explanations, and user time and date stamps

Reporting Coverage

AgileREPORTER provides support to clients across multiple jurisdictions for all current regulations and regulators through in depth extensive local regulatory knowledge.  Lombard Risk’s frequent interaction with regulatory groups and financial institutions allow us to fully understand financial institutions’ operational procedures relating to internal and external monitoring and reporting demands.

Lombard Risk supports global coverage for all current regulations including:

Europe (UK, EU) – Bank of England Statistics, Regulatory Data Division, Financial Conduct Authority, Prudential Regulatory Authority and European Banking Authority regulations (COREP, FINREP, Liquidity reporting, XBRL formats etc.)

North American (USA, Canada) – Federal Reserve, FFIEC, FDIC, Dept. of Commerce, US Treasury and State Banking Dept. reporting, including FR2052a, FR Y-14, CCAR, DFAST

Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore, India and others) – Hong Kong Monetary Authority, Monetary Authority of Singapore and Reserve Bank of India reporting requirements

International Standards including SA-CCR, FRTB and other changing Basel standards


More and more regulatory submissions must be submitted electronically – the standard XBRL format is enabling that and is a global standard.  Meeting the regulatory XBRL submission requirements requires additional steps in business workflow around report generation, validation and submission.  AgileREPORTER XBRL-Checker, with Validation and Visualisation modules, provides firms with the crucial controls to validate XBRL and view XBRL as part of the successful regulatory submission process.

AgileREPORTER for PRA Rulebook Reporting Requirements 

AgileREPORTER is designed to support the PRA Rulebook Reporting Requirements with a flexible, automated multi-stage process that ensures accuracy and confidence through clear visibility and precise exception management across the whole end-to-end regulatory reporting process – from data gathering to attestation and submission.

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