Regulatory Reporting

Integrated Regulatory Solutions

Regulators and supervisory authorities continue to evolve the regulatory landscape.  To keep a firm footing and make headway in the race for information that is critical, both for the regulators and for your business, requires a reporting solution that is agile.

The reporting solution must be not only faster and more cost effective at delivering core reporting functionality, but also more flexible in its ability to respond to future requirements.

Integrated solutions that guide your business through the complex maze of global regulatory requirements, Lombard Risk’s compliance solutions are automated, scalable and configurable.

Designed to work in real time across multiple data sources and platforms, our solutions save you time and money whilst ensuring that your business meets the regulatory requirements in all your trading markets around the world – making regulatory reporting information a valuable tool in your business rather than just another administrative headache.


AgileREPORTER for web-based global regulatory and liquidity reporting.

AgileREPORTER is an end-to-end solution that automates the generation of regulatory reports from capture and consolidation of data through to computation and submission to regulatory authorities.  With full data lineage and transparency, we meet the demands of all stakeholders.

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