Banks use our solutions

30 of the world’s “top 50″ banks rely on Lombard Risk

  • Increased regulatory pressures.
  • Intensifying global competitive forces.
  • Rising demand for innovative customer service.

Lombard Risk is the undisputed leader in the UK, with nearly 50% of the 340 banks who operate there using our solutions.

To meet your business challenges, Lombard Risk delivers a powerful combination of risk management, liquidity management, and regulatory compliance solutions to safeguard the financial industry around the world.

Many of the world’s top banks rely on Lombard Risk to streamline risk management business processes, meet increasing regulatory compliance demands and optimise financial integrity reporting.

COLLINE: automated collateral management for complete, end-to-end, cross-product management

REPORTER: regulatory reporting with extensive country coverage – to meet demands from regulators around the world

LISA: scenario analysis, stress testing, liquidity analysis

MIS: full management information reporting – providing business intelligence

OBERON and FIRMAMENT: yield curve construction in multiple currencies and valuation of derivatives and cash products.