Collateral Management

Powering Your Collateral Business

When an internal function shifts from being an administrative necessity to a potential competitive advantage, the systems supporting it must be totally re-engineered.

What has been a laborious back office process of finding, recording and valuing collateral across various business lines and platforms now has to respond to the regulators’ requirements for real-time granular management of liquidity and risk.

The cost of collateral management has gone up as a result of the need for greater regulatory transparency which means that it is critical to optimise the use of assets.

To achieve both in your business, you need an automated solution from Lombard Risk to power your collateral business.


COLLINE:  End-to-end, cross-product collateral management and clearing.

Mandated regulations such as Dodd-Frank and EMIR (European Markets Infrastructure Regulation), and supervisory frameworks – BASEL III, BCBS (Basel Committee on Banking Supervision) – IOSCO (International Organization of Securities Commissions) have changed the landscape of collateral management.

While many firms are still struggling with the administrative complexities of multiple, segregated cash and security asset platforms, your COLLINE cross-product solution will provide a single enterprise-wide platform that consolidates collateral across all asset classes, giving you maximum control over where, when and how the assets in your business lines are used.

With COLLINE managing all of your margining needs, you will minimise costs and gain flexibility and control providing a strategic competitive advantage.

AgileCOLLATERAL:  Collateral management in the cloud—providing an ‘out of the box’, cross-product platform that supports regulatory and strategic collateral management needs.  Light touch, but not light weight.

AgileCOLLATERAL is targeted to asset managers, buy-side brokers, pension funds, corporates and investment firms which need the agility to “turn-on” a collateral-in-a-box solution that is hosted in the cloud and eliminates the need for onsite installation and infrastructure costs.

It is intuitive, reducing the need for training, and modular—from adding asset classes as needed, to scaling up over time to handle more complexity and volume —all of which can be implemented in layers to control costs to match business needs.

AgileCOLLATERAL is helping buy-side clients meet the stricter uncleared collateral margin requirements being phased in from March 2017.  AgileCOLLATERAL offers the functionality of our market-leading COLLINE solution in a modular, light touch delivery format.

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