SLT Asia Handbook: Singapore Insight – These rules are made for following

13th March 2017

Tracey Adams of Lombard Risk examines how fragmentation of the Asian market often makes it difficult to determine which jurisdictions will adopt which rulings, the pending changes that Singaporean regulators have proposed should come as no surprise.


It would seem that the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s (MAS) focus on derivatives at the start of 2017 will be no less demanding than 2016. In January 2016, MAS consulted on proposed amendments to the Securities and Futures Regulation relating to the derivatives reporting regime. Exactly a year later and MAS has announced a new wave of amendments aimed at bolstering existing regulation. These changes seek to tighten the underlying framework of the original Securities and Futures Act (SFA) of 2012, enhancing transparency and strengthening the market against financial misconduct.

To read the full article on Securities Lending Times, click here.

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Permission to reproduce this piece has been kindly granted by Securities Lending Times

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