Regulatory compliance seminar: Why transparency matters - ONLINE EVENT - VERMEG

Regulatory compliance seminar: Why transparency matters – ONLINE EVENT

5th in a series of regulatory compliance online business briefings

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Regulators are increasingly asking firms to do more with their data. Not only has there been a general intent that the information which is used for regulatory reporting should also be used in the management of the firm itself, but recent and upcoming changes imply that more data at a lower level of granularity will be needed for reporting.

Once a firm has assembled all this data, how can it ensure that it makes the best use of it? The key is to make sure that you can access the data which you have assembled, that audit trails between source data and reported values are clear and that the way that the data is stored encourages and supports its easy re-use across the organisation.

This webinar will examine the following areas:

  • Why it matters to be able to follow data through its journey from source to reported value. What are the design considerations which need to be taken into account to make this not only possible but useable in the real world?
  • How to re-use regulatory reporting data for other business uses. What features are there in this kind of data which help or constrain its use? What technology and data architecture choices can be made, and what is their impact?
  • Looking at data through a time-dimension. How can one use trend and variance data to support regulatory and other reporting activities? How can one view and manipulate time-dimensioned data?


info@vermeg.comSpeaker: Nicholas Brewer – business matter expert and solution consultant at Lombard Risk.

Nick has over 20 years’ experience in the banking and finance sector.  He has held various positions within banking operations, including in the Middle East.  He has also served in many roles within IT organisations serving the banking sector, covering banking, trading and risk management systems. Nick works with prospective clients to understand their requirements and to explore how Lombard Risk’s solutions could help them to achieve their objectives. He is particularly focused on increasing the agility and efficiency of how Lombard Risk’s clients use the solution set to address changing business and regulatory needs.

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