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Collateral management in the cloud—providing an ‘out of the box’ solution that can expand easily to meet your firm’s future needs.  Light touch, but not light weight.

As margin requirements and liquidity ratios increase, collateral management—a historically labor-intensive back office process—has become a significant focus for buy-side managers.

What’s behind the change in focus?  Buy-side managers need to earn more from their assets.

Security.  The markets may be calm today, but there is no promise about tomorrow.  Keeping the highest quality assets on your balance sheet is critical.  Firms want to control the collateral process and decide what is lent out, repo’d, reinvested or kept.

Transparency.  If you want to get the most from your assets, you need to know what you have.  The time honored ‘Excel spreadsheet’ is not a 21st century solution.  You need real-time visibility of your inventory to stay ahead of the market and the competition.

Efficiency.  Real-time inventory management allows you to act quickly and develop a straight-through collateral posting process.

OptimisationWhat assets you hold, what to keep and what to post as collateral are parameters that form part of your decision-making process.  A user-friendly tool that can manage your rules and constraints and applies them in a fully automated solution can ensure you are out in front of market moves.

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It’s all about control; and the security, transparency and efficiency that having control gives you.

Use your assets effectively and reduce your risk by automating manual processes. The better you manage your collateral, the stronger your position—and that of your client.

SECURITY – elimination of spreadsheets mitigates risk associated with manual input and calculations. Automated validation checks reduce the number of manual errors— continuously applying systemic control points to ensure accuracy and compliance of collateral management lifecycle events.

TRANSPARENCY – aggregated views (across business lines, portfolios, funds, etc.) provide a consolidated inventory of your assets. Intuitive dashboards and an advanced UI provides visibility over margin events, settlements, corporate actions, cash interest, management approvals and eligibility and concentration limits—with drill-down capabilities into workflow on all collateral activities.

EFFICIENCY – automation of your day-to-day processes improves performance. AgileCOLLATERAL provides direct connections to electronic messaging services and optimisation algorithms allow you to maximise the use of your assets. Workflow tools provide users with the most intelligent and efficient collateral management operating model.

CONTROL – rapid implementation, flexible pricing models and low cost deployment options allow you to reduce the high cost of collateral management, achieve a greater level of control over operational processes and redirect resources to better serve investors.  AgileCOLLATERAL puts the control of your business and operating model back in your hands.

Full functionality, yet totally flexible.

AgileCOLLATERAL’s agile approach to collateral management is modular. Clients of all sizes and complexity are able to choose only the modules that are required to meet their specific business needs.

Our rapid implementation approach, flexible pricing models and broad industry expertise facilitates real competitive advantage for buy-side organisations.


AgileCOLLATERAL Optimisation maximises financial efficiency, enables review of funding costs, and automates collateral sourcing and allocation processes. The optional module is integrated with agreement, exposure and inventory data, enabling real-time algorithmic calculation of the optimal available assets to be used.  It takes into account configurable priorities and all legal and operational constraints. The user-friendly UI enables users to create bespoke optimisation rules, including flexible support for what-if scenario analysis.


AgileCOLLATERAL Calcs provides real-time initial and variation margin calculations for call calculation or validation of external or counterparty/broker/CCP marks. It provides pre-trade margin analytics of the potential margin impacts of trading venues, based on multiple configurable internal or industry standard calculation models and methodologies.

Inventory Manager

AgileCOLLATERAL’s Inventory Manager consolidates asset positions for all margining, liquidity and funding activities. It provides a real-time, holistic view of enterprise-wide asset availabilities, from all sources and across asset classes, entities, regions and desks. Users can manage and define inventory views for asset availability and asset protection purposes, or configure and filter principal or client asset inventories with forward ladder visibility up to 370 days. Position aggregation is entirely configurable allowing the user to create multiple unique representations of inventory, with full drill-down to underlying holdings.


AgileCOLLATERAL’s Dashboard displays visual alerts and provides a consolidated view of all required actions for a collateral manager.  Features include: RAG/traffic lights for users to prioritise events and monitor their daily progress; Drill-down to required function and information; Real-time collateral settlement summary including a warning of Outstanding Settlement events (for example, margin events that are due within the hour – as well as any overdue events – are highlighted in real-time); Corporate action warning up to 7 days in advance of event; Concentration limit breach warnings; and Internal reviews reporting for risk managers to monitor exposure on agreements.


AgileCOLLATERAL Connect seamlessly integrates with exchanges and clearing houses, messaging and reconciliation platforms and 3rd party service providers for advanced initial margin calculations and scenario analytics.

AgileCOLLATERAL is source agnostic and can interface with both internal and external data feeds in a variety of formats and can accept or deliver information on a real-time basis.