Collateral Optimization Across the Books: A Focus on Exchange-Traded derivatives (ETD) Flow

29 Mar, 2017
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Lisa Jackson, Head of Clearing, Collateral Management Solutions, Lombard Risk, discusses in a Q&A with Dervisource why firms should focus on optimizing collateral across Exchange-Traded derivatives & cleared derivatives flow, the challenges firms face and how ETD optimization may evolve in the next 18 months.

The Next Frontier in Data Management Responses to Regulation

14 Mar, 2017
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Lombard Risk’s James Phillips notes that more granular regulatory reporting requirements are driving the need to improve data quality and suggests the benefit of this will be the ability to send accurate data to regulators that will then look for hot spots. Like Sentance, he promotes a strategic approach to data management, saying: “The approach has to identify destinations for granular reporting, implement agility for the future and delete inefficiencies. Firms need granular data and data quality to be always on so that they are ready for reporting at any time and can gain competitive advantage.”

To read the full article on Data Management Review,

Top 10 U.S. bank goes live with Lombard Risk’s AgileREPORTER for FR 2052a LCR reporting

14 Mar, 2017
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Lombard Risk Management is pleased to announce that one of its largest U.S. banking clients has completed their first filing of FR 2052a (Complex Institution Liquidity Monitoring Report) using Lombard Risk’s AgileREPORTER.

SLT Asia Handbook: Singapore Insight – These rules are made for following

13 Mar, 2017
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While the fragmentation of the Asian market often makes it difficult to determine which jurisdictions will adopt which rulings, the pending changes that Singaporean regulators have proposed should come as no surprise, says Tracey Adams of Lombard Risk.

To read the full article on SLT Asia handbook (pages 38 & 39), click here.

“Basel III delay signals growing risk of regulatory divergence”

10 Mar, 2017
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With the finalisation of the Basel III framework having been delayed over output floor levels and with a new administration taking over in the US, speculation is rife over the future shape of the framework. James Phillips, Global Regulatory Strategy Director, Lombard Risk explains which contours of the framework have been agreed, covering a whole range of areas and discusses whether Europe will opt-out and the need for a global level playing field.

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