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Predictions for 2017- Financial IT

17 Feb, 2017
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Mike Payne, CTO of Lombard Risk, provides his predictions around technology and regulations for 2017 at Financial IT (page 35).

Article featuring Mike Payne, CTO at Lombard Risk,  in Financial IT . To read the full article click here.

As Theresa May Signals U.K. Break from Single Market, Companies Scramble

18 Jan, 2017
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Alastair Brown, chief executive of Lombard Risk, warns of a “minefield” ahead for U.K. firms trying to navigate new regulatory and compliance requirements across multiple international markets amid Brexit negotiations.

UK PM confirms clean break from EU single market

18 Jan, 2017
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Article featuring Alastair Brown, CEO at Lombard Risk,  in Global Investor. To read the full article click here.

2016 was a year of “tremendous progress” for Lombard Risk

10 Jan, 2017
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Alastair Brown, Lombard Risk CEO discusses the highlights of 2016 and the outlook for 2017 with Proactive Investors.

Lombard Risk highlights need for firms to be agile amid increasing regulation

22 Dec, 2016
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Lombard Risk’s global head of regulatory strategy James Phillips spoke to Proactive Investors following the company’s annual regulatory conferences in New York and London.

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