Giancarlo Pellizzari - Lombard Risk

Giancarlo Pellizzari

Head of the Banking Supervision Data Division - ECB

Giancarlo started his carrier at Ernst & Young as external auditor. Then he joined the Belgian banking and insurance supervisor, where he was responsible for compliance, reporting and XBRL. He was member of various committees within EBA, Basel Committee, EIOPA, IAIS, IOSCO and IASCF.

After, he joined Dexia Group, as Head of Prudential Policy, where he had responsibility for Pillar I impacts and financial, regulatory reporting and for lobby. Later Giancarlo joined BNY Mellon in Belgium, as Managing Director. He was mainly responsible for consolidation and IFRS accounts, supervisory reporting, and management reporting.

Giancarlo is now working at the ECB, as Head of the Banking Supervision Data Division. The division develops, collects, controls and disseminates within ECB and to EBA, ESRB and other stakeholders all supervisory reports. It also controls the data quality of reports from all supervised banking institutions, provides an assessment included in the SREP and ensure enforcement of these reporting requirements. Finally, it produces derived statistics and indicators for quantitative risk assessment and also public supervisory statistics.