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George R, PMO Analyst – Change Management

“I’m two weeks in, and applied because I knew people who had worked with Lombard Risk on the client side. HR called me back when a position arose. I’m now in a new team, in a new Tech centre, with other graduates who are fun and energetic. Straight away I have noticed how we are encouraged to put our own spin on things, and bring our own perspective and ideas to the table. My role involves policing the governance of how projects are run, using the JIRA scrum management tool for resource planning and ensuring issues are correct and in order. Going forward I will be helping new joiners internally get up to speed with training, and improving the process around workflows of the SDLC.”

Kamila K, Product Developer

“I am a recent Maths graduate and like many, I could not decide what field I would like to pursue my career in. I have always been interested in technology and its applications in finance and banking. Therefore, I joined Lombard Risk where as a product developer I get a chance to work on a range of fascinating projects, providing regulatory reporting solutions to our clients from the financial services industry. Lombard Risk is a truly global company. On a daily basis we work in collaboration with our fellow colleagues from the Shanghai office as well as with SME’s from the New York and London offices. Our Birmingham office is situated in a great location, just few minutes away from the main train station, restaurants and shopping places. Most importantly, the people here are very friendly and helpful making work very much enjoyable.”

Craig W, QA Engineer

“I was the first QA in our Birmingham office working on software delivery and automation, and I am always learning. Lombard Risk really helps you spread your wings, and as technology changes – I need to adapt, learn, and get the rewards. I’m currently focused on automating as much as we can in the build process and deployment, managing the need to deliver value for our clients and improve things overall. Everyone here wants to improve and change things for the better. We have the same perception and vision, and although the paths may evolve we stay true to our end goal.”

Matthew S, Lead Developer – Regulatory Reporting

“I joined Lombard Risk to get into the finance industry, and take on the challenge of refactoring and improving from legacy systems. I was excited from the interview process which attempted to simulate the day to day work I would be doing, such as code review and pair programming. The sense of excitement continues as the company is investing in newer and fresher modern technologies replacing the legacy application with smaller Angular applications backed by RESTful APIs. The entire team participates in the process of defining and applying best practices to move the product forward and improve quality throughout. This helps generate a culture of ownership for the product and the projects we work on – we care! Our 2 week sprints focus on delivering production quality software by the end, which involves developing, testing, and showcasing to the product owners. Day to day we are working with the business analysts from the start all the way through the process to UAT. I’m currently involved in developing standards and guidelines, which are built by everyone on the team (from the bottom up!), and discussed in our regular review sessions in the Grandstand, everyone gets buy-in and their opinion heard.”

Rishi D, Performance QA Engineer

“I joined in August 2017, and Lombard Risk is a nice stepping stone into the financial industry. It was a warm welcome, and even the interview process was good and conversational – they really wanted to know what I was about. Environment wise we have great views, and the people are approachable and there is good communication in this office with everyone happy to help. When you need some further expertise from across the firm whether London or Shanghai, people are just a phone call away. I particularly like the regular financial talks we get from some experienced internal experts, understanding what’s behind everything we do. I’m currently working on our Exchange Traded Derivatives functionality for our tier one banking clients. There is the flexibility to allow people to bring their own ideas to the table and implement them. Going forward there is scope to learn and develop a career path, for me that’s Selenium WebDriver Automation.”

Leah Tarbuck, Java Developer – Collateral Management

“I enjoy problem-solving, which is a fundamental part of my role when developing new functionality to the application. It’s important when finding ways to refactor the legacy code base, whilst also improving code quality. Working in Lombard Risk has aided my learning of Java and the Spring framework whilst also developing my knowledge in testing software tools like Cucumber and Selenium. There is a huge opportunity to learn new things – we’re currently in the process of moving from a JSP web application to using Angular. In fact, Lombard Risk has created a strong learning environment in Birmingham and promotes anything from pair programming – where two developers work together at the computer sharing the keyboard, to cross-team knowledge sharing sessions. There’s definitely a culture here of striving to improve things, with people exploring different toolsets and ways of working. Business analysts help us define what is important to the user and hold training sessions which greatly aid our financial understanding – topics can include anything from trades and agreements to the FX market!”