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2nd November 2017

“Consensus from banks, consultants, tech companies at RegTech Rising – firms not proactively allocating resources to find the best RegTech opportunities – already getting left behind”

As a major RegTech provider and leader in regulatory reporting, Lombard Risk is participating in RegTech Rising, the major European RegTech conference.  The conference has the biggest concentration of RegTechies I have seen, with cross-industry participants: regulators, regulated, vendors, consultancies and investors.  There have been some fantastic insights and debates around how the digitisation of everything from identity management to horizon management to regulatory reporting will be transformed, and faster than you may think.  All this makes for the onset of friction-less regulation (not no friction, just less friction!), and will embrace artificial intelligence, machine learning, distributed ledger technology, machine readable rules, for their best outcomes.  Most importantly however, irrespective of the specific technology set that underpins the delivery of the solution, RegTech is providing the opportunity for firms to experience being regulated differently.  Regulators themselves also see significant upside to applying regulation differently; indeed for all parties to embrace RegTech innovations it’s a win-win.

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23rd October 2017

90% percent of banks polled want greater analytics from their regulatory reporting data

90% percent of banks polled want greater analytics from their regulatory reporting data. Research from Lombard Risk Survey, September 2017

Banks operating in the UK are looking to accelerate the use of automated regulatory reporting in the face of increasing compliance requirements and regulation, and to make better use of regulatory data for analytical purposes.

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19th October 2017

Repo to the rescue?

Richard Gomm of Lombard Risk examines how Repo could finally now be given the opportunity to shine and be seen as the platform for effective collateral and inventory management.

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28th September 2017

Fan of the mismatch – Experts debate whether equities as collateral will ever be acceptable

Tracey Adams of Lombard Risk examines how as beneficial owners face pressure to accept lower quality assets as collateral for their HQLA, should they be accepting equities, or are their concerns about quality warranted?

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22nd February 2017

The new normal – outlook for 2017

Author: Alastair Brown, Chief Executive at Lombard Risk Management 2016 was an immense year for the markets as Brexit and the US election created shock waves across the globe. However, despite the turmoil, it is business as usual now – and as it has been for Lombard Risk’s clients and the banks, who have grappled […]

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