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6th June 2018

Bank trading book moves closer to being workable

Rules around the bank trading book worry banks given their complexity, which necessitates implementation delays and further consultation. However, banks have found reasons to be cheerful following the latest proposals and deem the framework to be approaching viability. Justin Pugsley for Global Risk Regulator reports, featuring James Phillips, Global Head of Regulatory Strategy, Lombard Risk. To read […]

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25th May 2018

Regulation and Technology: Regulatory machines

If regulatory reporting became machine-readable, it would reduce friction and could lead to more profound benefits. Nicholas Pratt of Funds Europe reports, featuring James Phillips, Global Head of Regulatory Strategy, Lombard Risk.

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19th December 2017

The value of the interconnected collateral network

Collateral management is fast becoming an ecosystem of linked technologies serving the needs of the underlying client. This benefits the client by offering a suite of solutions that integrate seamlessly, but integration is not as simple as exchanging data between technologies. In this blog post, we present our vision of Lombard Risk COLLINE as the market gateway: a consolidated, central point of service. We also explore the future of collateral services in this new environment.

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16th November 2017

A Connected Market is Key to Achieving a Simplified and Best-of-Breed Collateral Management Ecosystem

Collateral management has been at the forefront of operational investment for several years, thanks to financial regulation. As a result, new technologies have been developed, alliances between market participants established, and previously manual processes automated. In a Q&A, Lombard Risk’s Tina Wilkinson discusses the new collateral management ecosystem and how all market participants can leverage a newly connected market to gain operational efficiencies and a competitive edge.

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3rd November 2017

RegSpecs: It’s Time to Provide X-ray Vision to the Board

Author: James Phillips, Head of Regulatory Strategy at Lombard Risk  Here’s a further update from the RegTech frontline, with Lombard Risk at the RegTech Rising conference over the past 3 days.  Here’s my post from the opening day.  We’ve had more stand-out insights from sector leaders.  I have seen a sequence of quick-fire demos and […]

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