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20th November 2019

Is Regulator Innovation Coming to the Boil? By James Phillips, Regulatory Reporting Strategy Advisor, Consultant to VERMEG

Regulator Innovation As a leader in the provision of Regulatory Reporting solutions, VERMEG is at the forefront of innovation in this area.  VERMEG has an active innovation agenda which is both invested in and influences the evolution of how reporting is done.  But, what about how regulation is done, what Regulator Innovation is being enabled […]

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21st October 2019

Sibos 2019: Wassel Dammak,VERMEG from Advertainment Media

Sibos 2019: Wassel Dammak, VERMEG from Advertainment Media on Vimeo.

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30th September 2019

” How Not To Transform A Legacy Insurer” Fintech Finance Article- Featuring Brahim Halmaoui

Brahim Halmaoui, Senior VP for Insurance, VERMEG,  shares his views on how NOT to proceed with the transformation of an insurance organisation. “Irrespective of which field of insurance they are in, which region, or what size of business they are, transformation needs to take them from a centuries-old model of selling insurance through very silo-based […]

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27th August 2019

Repo & SBL to the Rescue Written by Richard Gomm – Head of EMEA, Collateral Management Solutions

Once upon a time, in a regulatory landscape far, far away… This may sound like an opening to a fairy tale, however the reality is that the regulatory landscape is now beyond recognition for even the most grizzled and battle hardened of collateral managers. Dodd-Frank, Basel III, EMIR and other global equivalents have provided a […]

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17th July 2019

What does RRM mean for EU banks?

RRM – and its impact on the banks’ regulatory duties in the EU The “Risk Reduction Measures” (RRM) package was approved by the EU Commission on 15.04.2019 and show the regulatory path for the next 3 years for the banks operating within the EU. They will be published beginning of July 2019. The regulations are […]

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