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11th November 2020

Looking Back, Looking Forward – Janus By Paul Baik, Regulatory Enablement Manager-Americas

Pessimist: “It can’t get any worse than this!” Optimist: “Sure, it can.” Even in these days of raging pandemic, it’s important to look ahead and prepare in advance. For that, it’s necessary to assess the current circumstances based on the challenges that have been overcome and use the experience to adjust the way forward. It […]

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Life and Penisions blog

5th November 2020

Life and Pensions Software Solutions – Which Direction is Your Digital Transformation Taking You? By Nigel Wright, Presales Consultant

In today’s post-Covid digital age, customers are more demanding and tech-savvy than ever. Insurance companies will only survive if they can respond to this digital demand. But how can they bring digital technologies to existing and new customers when there is often a lack of innovation investment? Legacy systems may not be able to support […]

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Author Dale Eastham discusses Digital Portal

30th October 2020

5 reasons your stakeholders need a digital portal – today! By Dale Eastham, Senior Digital Transformation Consultant

In the news recently, there has been a lot of change in how secure the public is feeling about their personal and workplace retirement funds, long term savings and other investments. A recent study by Aviva stated that 21 percent of non-retired people in the 45-60 age group were not doing anything to strengthen their […]

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26th October 2020

Change – An opportunity for Transformation By Victoria Chan, Product Consultant

Change is the only constant in life – Heraclitus Sometimes it is subtle, like the gradual shortening of daylight from summer to autumn. Once in a lifetime (hopefully), it is driven by a global pandemic that affects the entire population, presenting unforeseen social, economic and operational challenges to both work and personal lives. Likewise in […]

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A text on Collateral Management update by author Jack Dwyer

25th August 2020

Collateral management update from Basement Headquarters By Jack Dwyer, Senior Consultant Collateral

The global pandemic has completely changed the way collateral management professionals conduct business. The all-remote work environment has altered the typical fintech project. While many of these changes have been difficult at times to manage for both the client and the vendor, the work-from-home model has allowed additional flexibility, benefiting upgrades and implementations. As we […]

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