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14th January 2020

Vendor Added Value By James Phillips, Regulatory Reporting Strategy Advisor, Consultant to VERMEG

Vendor Added Value Benefits Vendor Added Value – “VAV”, let’s call it, is all the comforting layers of extra value client firms get from experienced vendors.  Indeed, here I am talking about “VERMEG VAV”.  Global regulators, clamping down with attention-grabbing Senior Management letters and significant mis-reporting fines have an ever-slimming tolerance for dodgy data, broken […]

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7th January 2020

2019 – The Regulatory Year in Review By Andrew Kesbey, Global Head of Regulatory Product

As 2019 passes it seems fitting to look back on the past 12 months and, in particular, at the industry activities that have been of interest to our Regulatory Reporting community. It goes without saying that one topic has been dominant in all aspects of life in recent years and the last 12 months seem […]

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25th November 2019

Custodians Facing Uncertainty Boujemaa Khaldi, Head of Product, VERMEG

Today, custodians like any other financial institution are facing rapid changes in regulation and technology. Revenues are shrinking and the competition between custodians is getting harder where transparency on fees is mandated by regulation. Even though these changes already existed for the last few years, no clear answer or trend was invoked. Therefore, the pressure […]

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20th November 2019

Is Regulator Innovation Coming to the Boil? By James Phillips, Regulatory Reporting Strategy Advisor, Consultant to VERMEG

Regulator Innovation As a leader in the provision of Regulatory Reporting solutions, VERMEG is at the forefront of innovation in this area.  VERMEG has an active innovation agenda which is both invested in and influences the evolution of how reporting is done.  But, what about how regulation is done, what Regulator Innovation is being enabled […]

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21st October 2019

Sibos 2019: Wassel Dammak,VERMEG from Advertainment Media

Sibos 2019: Wassel Dammak, VERMEG from Advertainment Media on Vimeo.

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