Lombard Risk in Japan

Lombard Risk has had a long history of business in Asia, since 1989.  It has 5 office locations in Asia, with more than 180 employees: Sales / Support offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo and Mumbai, as well as a sizeable R&D and testing centre in Shanghai.  Lombard Risk has an extensive client base, many with multi-country implementations, enjoying global solutions and local knowledge.

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Lombard Risk recognises the burden placed on firms to monitor the regulatory demands (which are on the increase post financial crisis), collate the data from multiple internal systems, calculate the information required and generate and submit the reports.  Lombard Risk helps firm streamline and automate processes across the whole of their operations, and Asia Pacific branches will enjoy accurate and timely regulatory submissions from Lombard Risk’s REPORTER solution.

John Wisbey, CEO of Lombard Risk, commented:

Lombard Risk has an important commitment to Asia, with our development centre in Shanghai and more than 180 people employed in the region.

We have invested heavily in regulatory reporting in Asian countries.”

Lombard Risk solutions

Lombard Risk has key areas of expertise that are highly relevant to financial institutions in Asia Pacific seeking to optimise their response to regulatory, compliance and risk management pressures:

Regulatory reporting and compliance: Lombard Risk REPORTER

We believe that Lombard Risk is the largest vendor of regulatory reporting installations in terms of footprint in the Asia Pacific area, note that these installations include competitor displacements.  Furthermore, Lombard Risk is the leading vendor of automated regulatory reporting solutions in the UK.

The Lombard Risk regulatory solution is an established solution (initially launched 1994) and has been enhanced continuously since then and we believe now represents the best web-based regulatory reporting solution available in the world today.

Cross-product collateral management and clearing: Lombard Risk COLLINE®

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We believe that Lombard Risk has the world’s leading collateral management automation product, COLLINE.  This is consistently winning competitive bids and again typically includes competitor replacement successes.  Other vendors in this space do not have collateral management expertise; this is a major differentiator for Lombard Risk as, for example, collateral management skills, counterparty credit risk capital charge computation, become ever more closely linked under Basel III.

Liquidity scenario analysis and stress testing: Lombard Risk LISA

Whilst focused on liquidity stress testing requirements, LISA’s business line coverage will be expanded during 2012, as firms seek to manage and automate best practice, to include stress testing of P&L and balance sheet as well as liquidity.  As international firms gear up for the implementation of Basel III, Lombard Risk’s LISA will be helping more and more firms automate computation of key ratios such as the Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LCR) and also Net Stable Funding Ratio (NSFR), and to model the impact of stress events, or of proposed changes to their business plan.

Management information: Lombard Risk MIS

The Lombard Risk MIS module is a further major differentiator for our business.  This web-based visually appealing solution facilitates easy reporting of data from one or many sources (whether Lombard Risk applications or others), in graphical format, which can then be distributed via client intranet.  The MIS module satisfies rising demands for improved senior management information.

Real-time transaction reporting: Lombard Risk REFORM

Financial institutions around the world are being required by regulators to report all transactions to their relevant monitoring authorities. As more complex regulations are being imposed post financial crisis, this has become more complicated to achieve. Lombard Risk REFORM meets this requirement.

Lombard Risk office in Japan

Level 14 Hibiya Central Building
1-2-9 Nishi-Shimbashi Minato-ku
Tokyo 105-0003
Tel : +81 3 5532 7454