Life and Pensions Software Solutions – Which Direction is Your Digital Transformation Taking You? By Nigel Wright, Presales Consultant

In today’s post-Covid digital age, customers are more demanding and tech-savvy than ever. Insurance companies will only survive if they can respond to this digital demand. But how can they bring digital technologies to existing and new customers when there is often a lack of innovation investment?

Legacy systems may not be able to support digital business, but should they be modernised or replaced? And what about the risk involved with system replacement?

Last month, Nasdaq published the Annual Market Study Reveals Pace at Which COVID-19 Is Accelerating Digital Transformation. This study underlines how the pandemic will be a catalyst to modernise inefficient systems and processes. It also reinforces the view that the pace of digital transformation is accelerating, not only in insurance, but across all industries.

At VERMEG we can deliver real benefits to insurance companies who are looking to meet this digital challenge. Not only delivering digital transformation, but by making costs more predictable. Our software will help automate end-to-end processes and reduce servicing costs. VERMEG can deliver a simpler, more flexible IT landscape and help insurance companies who want to move to a subscription-based model.
Life insurers can also benefit from VERMEG’s life and pensions domain experts, who have been implementing and delivering transformation solutions to life insurance companies for many years. Furthermore, we have developed a migration methodology and tooling to move our customers off decrepit, costly, legacy systems.

If you would like to find out more about our flexible portfolio of digital solutions for life insurers. Or, you are interested in how we have helped our life and pensions customers -and whether we can help you – contact me at