Board Committees


The Group is run by its Board of Directors which currently has six members including four Non-executive Directors and meets regularly. The Non-executive Directors make a valuable contribution by bringing a breadth of business and relevant professional experience to the Board. The Board has overall responsibility for the Group and there is a formal schedule of matters specifically reserved for decision by the Board. It is responsible for the overall Group strategy, acquisition and divestment policy, corporate policies, approval of major capital expenditure and consideration of significant capital matters.

Executive Directors

  • Alastair Brown – Chief Executive Officer
  • Nigel Gurney – Chief Financial Officer

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Non-Executive Directors

  • Philip Crawford – Non-executive Chairman
  • Sandy Broderick – Non-executive Director
  • John McCormick – Non-executive Director
  • Steve Rogers – Non-executive Director

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In addition, the Board has established a remuneration committee and an audit committee with formally delegated duties and responsibilities, which have written terms of reference as summarised below.

Audit Committee

  • John McCormick (Chairman)
  • Sandy Broderick
  • Philip Crawford

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The Audit Committee’s role is to assist the Board in the effective discharge of its responsibilities for financial reporting and internal control.

The Audit Committee’s responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing the integrity of the annual and interim financial statements of the Group, ensuring they comply with legal requirements, accounting standards and the AIM rules and any other formal announcements relating to the Group’s financial performance
  • Reviewing the Group’s internal financial control and risk management systems
  • Monitoring and reviewing the requirements for an internal audit function and
  • Overseeing the relationship with the external auditor, including approval of its remuneration, reviewing the scope of the audit engagement, assessing its independence, monitoring the provision of non-audit services, and considering its reports on the Group’s financial statements.

Renumeration Committee

  • Steve Rogers (Chairman)
  • John McCormick
  • Sandy Broderick

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The Remuneration Committee reviews the remuneration structures and performance of the Executive Directors and reviews the remuneration policy for senior management.  The Remuneration Committee meets as and when necessary and has access to professional advice from inside and outside the company.  The Executive Directors determine the remuneration arrangements of the Non-executive Directors.  No Director may participate in decisions regarding their own remuneration.

Nominations Committee

  • Sandy Broderick (Chairman)
  • John McCormick
  • Steve Rogers

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The Nominations Committee reviews the composition of the Board and plans for its progressive refreshing, with regard to balance and structure. The Nominations Committee also considers issues of succession.

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