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Banks in the US are subject to various complex regulatory reporting requirements under US Basel III, capital planning, Dodd-Frank stress testing, liquidity, an array of risk management requirements, and prudential standards for foreign banking organization and other US regulations.  To control costs and maximize efficiency both domestic and foreign banks must optimize their regulatory reporting processes and significantly enhance their reporting solutions.  Lombard Risk AgileREPORTER provides reporting solutions for Federal Reserve, Treasury, FFIEC and other agencies.

US banks and savings & loan holding companies and foreign banking holding companies are required to submit prudential and financial reporting including call reports – FFIEC 051, FFIEC 041 and FFIEC 031, the FRY9C, FR 2052a (LCR) FR Y14M, 14Q and 14A (CCAR), and many others including the FFIEC002, BE and TIC reports, and state banking reports too.

Regulatory data quality requirements and data-driven reporting require a sustainable and automated solution to be deployed into your firm.  Lombard Risk AgileREPORTER delivers these requirements and includes extensive coverage of US banking reports and supports the frequent movement of extremely high volumes of complex data, creating and validating the XML, XBRL and other transmissions for filing reports to US Federal Reserve, Treasury, FFIEC and other agencies.  There is an array of management tools to deliver both the regulatory reporting and the workflow and management approval and attestation processes required.

Lombard Risk AgileREPORTER US reporting:

  • Support for Federal Reserve, Treasury and Commerce requirements with various submission methods including XML, XBRL etc.
  • Ongoing maintenance & implementation ensuring you are always up to date
  • Delivers embedded regulatory reporting production process, reducing risk
  • Ensures management has a comprehensive view of reporting status, trends & change analysis
  • Delivers single solution for end-to-end reporting with streamlined workflow & exception management

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