EMEA Regulatory Webinar: UK PRA RRR - what's done and what's to come? Featuring: PRA110 and PRA111 - Lombard Risk

EMEA Regulatory Webinar: UK PRA RRR – what’s done and what’s to come? Featuring: PRA110 and PRA111

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26 Apr, 2018
10:30am (London) Duration - 1 Hour

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The UK PRA Rulebook Reporting Requirements continue to roll in.  Along with other detail, this webinar will review the challenges with the PRA110, considered a major hurdle, and other Pillar 2 reporting.

Pillar 2 requirements derive from EBA common approach guidelines for the Supervisory Review and Evaluation Process (SREP), requiring a consistent approach in setting supervisory requirements to hold additional capital and liquidity resources.

Two areas the PRA considers when conducting a SREP:

  • Risks that are either not captured, or not fully captured, under the Pillar 1 CRR; and
  • Risks over a forward-looking horizon (e.g. due to changes to the economic environment).

Therefore, PRA is introducing PRA110 to monitor Cashflow Mismatch Risk (CFMR) to complement LCR and Additional Liquidity Monitoring Metrics (ALMM), and plans to introduce additional capital reporting PRA111 to capture stress testing data currently included in firms’ Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process (ICAAP) documents.

PRA 110

  • Effective 1 July 2019 and monitors CFMR daily up to 92 days
  • Termination of FSA047 and FSA048
  • XBRL based on UK Banking Taxonomy
  • Applies to UK banks, ring fenced bodies, building societies, PRA-designated investment firms and EEA banks operating in the UK.


  • Comment period ended 06 March 2018
  • Proposed effective 1 October 2018
  • Electronic and standardised format
  • Apply to UK banks, ring fenced bodies, building societies, PRA-designated investment firms with total assets equal to or greater than £5 billion

The webinar will help your firm get ahead with these challenges now.

Read more about the PRA 110 and PRA 111 HERE

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james-phillipsJames Phillips – Global Head of Regulatory Strategy

James is an industry expert on regulatory issues monitoring them on a global, regional and country/regulator basis through frequent interaction with regulatory groups and financial institutions. As a result, he fully understands financial services institutions’ operational procedures relating to internal and external monitoring and reporting demands.

Email: jphillips@vermeg.com / reginfo@vermeg.com

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