3 May

EMEA Regulatory Webinar: EBA 2018 Two Key Updates: a) AMM, Sovereign Debt, Operational Risk, b) IFRS9 FINREP

Focus: Regulatory
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3 May, 2017
10:30am (London - GMT) Duration - 1 Hour
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Are you interested in learning more about the EBA Prudential Valuation Reporting (new COREP templates!) and the impact this regulation will have on your bank/investment firm?

Would you like to know more about the current and potential future of the post-Brexit financial landscape?

On 04 March 2016, the EBA published a consultation paper on the inclusion of prudent valuation reporting into European regulatory reporting (COREP) and amended supplementary requirements regarding the reporting of credit risk information. Under proposal, four templates C32.01, C32.02, C32.03 and C32.04 will be added into COREP as well as extending the reporting scope of templates C 09.01 and C 09.02 (Supplementary requirements on credit risk). Comment period ended on 30 March 2016.

On 14 November 2016, the European Banking Authority (EBA) published a consultation paper on the inclusion of sovereign exposures reporting into COREP and changed requirements concerning the reporting of operational risk (‘OpRisk’) information. Under the proposal, templates C33.01 and C33.02 (sovereign exposures information) will be added into COREP and a new template C17.02 will be added for OpRisk info. Comment period ended on 07 January 2017.

On 16 November 2016, the European Banking Authority (EBA) published a consultation paper on the introduction of C66.00 maturity ladder in line with the reporting requirements laid down in the Commission’s Delegated Act on the Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LCR) as well as revisions made to C67.00 to C71.00.  Comment period ended on 02 January 2017.

Join Lombard Risk’s 43rd online regulatory update today to learn more from our regulatory expert, James Phillips, as we discuss key upcoming regulations and the inevitable need for more efficient automation, including:

  • Incoming COREP changes (1) new Sovereign Exposures reporting;
    and (2) revision of Operational Risk reporting
  • AMM changes: revision of Additional Monitoring Metrics: new C66 maturity ladder and amended C67-71 templates
  • IFRS 9: changed FINREP templates
  • Heads up: implementation of FRTB in Europe
  • and….whatever happened to Prudent Valuation Reporting

Under current proposal, the incoming reporting requirements will come into force in Q1 2018.

Delegates registering for this event are eligible to receive a copy of the presentation material, results of live on-line polls, and a summary of questions/answers that arise.

Presented by

james-phillipsJames Phillips – Global Director Regulatory Strategy

James is an industry expert on regulatory issues monitoring them on a global, regional and country/regulator basis through frequent interaction with regulatory groups and financial institutions. As a result, he fully understands financial services institutions’ operational procedures relating to internal and external monitoring and reporting demands.

Email: James.Phillips@lombardrisk.com / REGinfo@lombardrisk.com

Lombard Risk REG-Xperts are constantly monitoring the regulatory landscape, reading and interpreting the rules.

Ask our REG-Xperts a question in advance of the webinar by emailing REGinfo@lombardrisk.com

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