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DerivSource / Lombard Risk Webinar: Margin Reform – Regulatory Update & Operational Impact

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15 Jun, 2017
10:00am (NY) / 15:00 (UK) / 16:00 (Paris)



Where do we stand with margin reform? In a webinar June 15th, a panel will provide a market update of various regulations affecting margin management and explore the impact of new rules on collateral management operations across all financial institutions – buy side and sell side.

Whether you’re a top tier bank, asset manager, hedge fund, pension fund, insurance company or a large corporation, new regulation will impact how you manage your margin and related collateral management processes. However, with regulatory rules affecting various regions and institution types differently, it is often difficult to ascertain the total impact of market changes on a business both in the short and long-term.

In a webinar, a panel of industry experts will offer a market update on regulation including EMIR, Basel III, Solvency II and MIFID II before then discussing the impact of new rules and possible political change on collateral management operations and processes for both buy and sell-side financial institutions.  Attendees will also hear how firms are engaging in strategic situation analysis before establishing and executing an action plan for how to create a compliant and operationally efficient collateral management operation that best supports the business.

The panel will explore the following topics:

  • Regulatory reform update – what are the rules impacting margin reform under EMIR, Basel III, Solvency II and MiFID II and are there any recent changes firms need to be aware of? How will the delays/no actions from some regulators regarding the non-cleared margin rules impact preparation plans?
  • Political change – how might political change impact regional regulatory rules and global regulatory harmonization efforts?
  • Preparing for compliance – what are the first steps firms should be taking when assessing the impact of new regulation on their collateral management operations? When should you communicate with counterparties? Should you tackle legal documentation first?
  • Evaluation of strategic options – how can firms ensure they are evaluating all possible operations when establishing a compliant and efficient collateral management operation?
  • Weighing pros and cons of options – What are the advantages and disadvantages of building in-house capabilities, investing in technology or outsourcing?
  • Creating an action plan – action plans may vary but what are the main components of a strategy that can assist in timely execution and long-term?


  • Helen Nicol, Lombard Risk
  • Mark Higgins, BNY Mellon
  • Stephen Humenik, Covington
  • Ted Leveroni, DTCC


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