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Recession and recovery by Paul Baik.

24th July 2020

U, V, or W, what shape will the recovery be? By Paul Baik, Regulatory Enablement Manager-Americas

In March, when it became evident that the COVID event was disrupting U.S. economic activity, the Federal Reserve (the Fed) conducted a sensitivity analysis (Assessment of Bank Capital during the Recent Coronavirus Event, June 2020), based on a set of scenarios that are more dire and stressful than were implied by then current economic and […]

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Image of author Ala Ennaifer

28th May 2020

SOLVENCY 2 IN COVID-19 TIMES By Ala Ennaifer, Soliam business expert

Pending further clarifications of the LTEI rules, EIOPA climbed down… on the deadlines for publication of regulatory QRT reports. After having obtained in March 2019, a revision of the equity shock rates by the creation of a new long-term share class – called LTEI for Long term equity investment – benefiting from a lightened shock […]

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Text on ISO20022 by Yamen Bousrih

11th May 2020

Postponement of the ISO20022 for X-Border Payment and the COVID-19 crisis By Yamen Bousrih, Business Expert

Did that get your attention? The ISO20022 implementation for cross border payments has been delayed, but not due to the coronavirus crisis. It could, however, be impacted. SWIFT cancelled SIBOS this year due to COVID-19, but the decision to postpone the go-live of ISO20022 for cross border payments (MT Categories 1, 2 and 9) from […]

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23rd April 2020

Central Banks responses to COVID-19: Having the right Collateral Management System makes the difference By Yamen Bousrih, Business Expert

As VERMEG mentioned in a previous article published in the Central Banking magazine, Central Banks have been impacted over the past decade by several drivers of change and remain under the constraint of being impacted again at any point as managing uncertainty remains the leitmotif of their activity. Central Banks must be able to respond […]

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