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Recession and recovery by Paul Baik.

24th July 2020

U, V, or W, what shape will the recovery be? By Paul Baik, Regulatory Enablement Manager-Americas

In March, when it became evident that the COVID event was disrupting U.S. economic activity, the Federal Reserve (the Fed) conducted a sensitivity analysis (Assessment of Bank Capital during the Recent Coronavirus Event, June 2020), based on a set of scenarios that are more dire and stressful than were implied by then current economic and […]

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Text on Digital Transformation by Dale Eastham

26th June 2020

Between the Devil and the deep blue sea By Dale Eastham, Senior Digital Transformation Consultant

When it comes to Digital Transformation, the perceived risk for banks and insurers is on one side, eternal damnation for trying, or on the other drowning because they did nothing. 100% Digital challenger FinTech brands do not have this issue, but they are struggling to gain market share and move into profitability, because customers are […]

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EBA introduces new reporting and disclosure templates

9th June 2020

EBA introduces new reporting and disclosure templates for June 2020 submission By Samuel Welford-Smith, Business Development Manager, UK & Ireland

The EBA announced on the 2nd June 2020 guideline on “reporting and disclosure of exposures subject to measures applied in response to the COVID-19 crisis” Published article can be found HERE. Why: In response to the need to address negative economic consequences of COVID-19 pandemic, the European Union (EU) and Member States have introduced a […]

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4th June 2020

Resilience, a secret to success… By Helen Nicol, Head of Solutions

On 4th March I attended a networking event in London with the topic of “Resiliency”. Little did any of us know then what to happen over the coming weeks and how many of the topics we covered there would come into play. It is now almost two months ago since the world recognized it was […]

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28th May 2020

SOLVENCY 2 IN COVID-19 TIMES By Ala Ennaifer, Soliam business expert

Pending further clarifications of the LTEI rules, EIOPA climbed down … on the deadlines for publication of regulatory QRT reports. After having obtained in March 2019, a revision of the equity shock rates by the creation of a new long-term share class – called LTEI for Long term equity investment – benefiting from a lightened […]

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