What Are The Collateral Management Priorities for 2019? - VERMEG - VERMEG

Collateral Management: What Are The Priorities for 2019? Video - Helen Nicol, Global Product Director, VERMEG Speaks to Julia Schieffer, DerivSource

Collateral managers will continue to be under pressure in 2019 as they work to meet regulatory obligations, and also look to invest strategically in their operations to improve efficiency and increase automation.

In this DerivSource Industry Insights Video, Helen Nicol, Global Product Director, Collateral Solutions at Vermeg, which acquired Lombard Risk in early 2018, discusses the challenges that they face, and the various market solutions available to them. Specifically, this video discusses upcoming regulatory requirements including UMR, how firms are preparing the mandated CCP clearing obligation, what are the new market solutions available for collateral management and how more innovative technologies, such as AI, can further improve automation and operational efficiency.