The new normal – outlook for 2017

22 Feb, 2017
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Author: Alastair Brown, Chief Executive at Lombard Risk Management

2016 was an immense year for the markets as Brexit and the US election created shock waves across the globe. However, despite the turmoil, it is business as usual now – and as it has been for Lombard Risk’s clients and the banks, who have grappled to maintain a similar agenda since 2007/08. The truth is – that change is the new normal.

Adapt and collaborate for ‘collateral optimisation’

13 Dec, 2016
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Author: Tracey Adams, Regional Head of APAC COLLINE, Lombard Risk

Considering the conceptual buzzword that ‘collateral optimisation’ was five years ago, most institutions have now recognised the scale of the post-regulation collateral challenge and have embarked on the collateral optimisation journey. Most securities lenders and borrowers will have some sort of optimisation tool to manage collateral requirements through the use of their current assets. However, there remain some significant pressure points that are stopping firms getting more from their reserves and hindering optimisation.

Why the time has come for the buy-side to take control of its collateral

14 Sep, 2016
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Author: Helen Nicol, Global Product Director, Lombard Risk

From March 2017 the regulatory environment for buy-side firms is set to get tougher. This puts additional pressure on buy-side firms that will need to look at new ways to be compliant while keeping control of headcount, minimising fixed costs and reducing the impact on fund performance.

To address these upcoming changes, Lombard Risk is launching a cloud-based collateral management solution that helps the buy-side navigate the increasingly complex regulatory landscape.

Overcoming Regulatory Uncertainty with an Agile Response

20 Jul, 2016
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Author: Helen Nicol, Global Product Director, Lombard Risk

Banks across the globe are facing an unprecedented pace of regulatory change, with no sign of relief, particularly in the face of Brexit. These constantly evolving changes are extremely costly to financial institutions as they try to cater for every possible interpretation of a piece of regulation and conform to various demands across jurisdictions.

For example, banks in the US are anticipating uncleared margin rules that will come into force on the 1st of September,

Brexit – the morning after

17 Jun, 2016
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Author: James Phillips, Regulatory Strategy Director, Lombard Risk

On Thursday 23rd June the voting to Leave or Remain happens.  This is a pivotal moment for the UK, and indeed for the European Union.

Non-Britain EU cannot really influence UK voters now, but in the same way, the UK cannot really influence the exit rules, if the UK is suddenly lonely on 24th June.  I think we do need to think about what it will be like,

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