Elixium - Lombard Risk


Lombard Risk Management has partnered with Elixium to deliver an integrated solution for Repo (Repurchase Agreements) trading and collateral management.

The solution will pair Elixium with the Lombard Risk cross-asset collateral management solution, COLLINE®, to provide market participants with collateralised liquidity and a complete end-to-end automated Repo trading and margin call management system.

Some of the biggest obstacles faced by institutions utilising Repo is the complexity of managing product silos, multiple IT systems and a lack of technical integration. This cloud based solution will solve these by allowing users to benefit from access to Elixium’s all-to-all multi-currency/jurisdiction trading functionality and COLLINE’s multi-asset cross-border collateral/margin management solution which increases accuracy, eliminates inefficiencies, supports forecasting and optimises collateral usage.

The combined offering provides a powerful, future-proof, integrated solution for customers to benefit from efficiencies, liquidity and best price execution in global financing markets which are increasingly demanding.

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 “The Elixium partnership represents an innovative way to utilise technology to achieve added liquidity within the Repo market by enabling true end-to-end collateralisation, allowing firms to better sense, react, and continuously learn from their activities in the market.”
Helen Nicol, Global Product Director – COLLINE