Hedge Funds use our solutions

The best managed hedge funds have chosen Lombard Risk!

  • Increased demand for more operational transparency
  • Increasingly complex investment strategies necessitate improved risk controls
  • Greater operational nimbleness is vital to respond to changing market conditions

Lombard Risk understands these pressures and provides risk management and financial compliance solutions to accelerate your ability to invest in increasingly complex global opportunities while staying within your risk tolerance levels.

Hedge Funds and Asset Managers take a more active role in the management of their business to respond to increased regulation, diversified portfolio strategies, and a greater degree of leveraged trading.  Historically risk management and compliance solutions were reserved for the big banks.  Today, Hedge Funds and Asset Managers of all sizes can benefit directly by deploying solutions or taking advantage of our hosted services.

COLLINE: automated collateral management for complete, end-to-end, cross-product management

REPORTER: regulatory reporting with extensive country coverage – to meet demands from regulators around the world

LISA: scenario analysis, stress testing, liquidity analysis

MIS: full management information reporting – providing business intelligence

OBERON and FIRMAMENT: yield curve construction in multiple currencies and valuation of derivatives and cash products.