Realise the value and unlock the power of your Lombard Risk solution

Managing risk and regulatory compliance is serious business. It takes technical expertise and first-hand experience to bridge the gap between theory and practice.  That’s why our business consultants have had careers in the same fields as those of our clients – risk management, collateral management and regulatory reporting.

Knowledge transfer is a key component of any successful solution deployment or consulting engagement. Because our business consultants have worked in environments similar to yours, they are highly effective trainers able to transfer knowledge that your team needs for a successful deployment and for extracting maximum value from your solution investment.

Client success is one of the most important measures of our success at Lombard Risk. To that end, we offer several training programs based upon our industry knowledge, solution capabilities and technology expertise to deliver a curriculum that best suits your organisation’s goals and vision.  Our senior business consulting specialists will work with you to identify the most critical needs within your organisation, and fine-tune our educational delivery model to improve your ability to manage risk, the collateral process, regulatory reporting and anti-money laundering compliance procedures and practices.

Risk management and collateral management programs

We offer in-depth training programs covering market risk, credit risk and operational risk perspectives. Our Training Administrators can teach risk management from a basic conceptual level up to and including very advanced mathematical levels, depending on your objectives.

  • Collateral management: Learn how you can control a whole range of risks associated with the management of collateralised trading. Collateralisation is an important method of credit enhancement and risk mitigation. Effective management approaches are required to control legal, liquidity and price risks. Our experienced collateral management practitioners will provide the knowledge necessary to effectively understand and manage these risks with an effective collateral management business process.
  • Trade capture and valuation: Learn how to use appropriate valuation models that are essential in order to obtain accurate and market-matching sensitivities and valuations of your positions
  • Credit and equity valuation: Learn how to cover the full life-cycle of a wide range of tradable instrument types, manage credit risk enterprise wide, and cut the costs of market data maintenance by a significant margin.

Regulatory reporting and compliance programs

We offer in-depth training programs to help cope with new challenges introduced as a result of the Basel Capital Accord and the European Union’s Capital Adequacy Directive (CAD) and many other regulatory changes in diverse jurisdictions around the world.

  • Regulatory reporting: We are always on top of up-coming regulatory changes. Lombard Risk can provide training or consulting services to help you implement newly introduced regulatory changes or ensure a smooth regulatory reporting operational process for your organisation.  Furthermore, our solutions can be used to satisfy other financial compliance reporting such as systems and controls reporting requirements specific to your organisation.
  • Scenario analysis and stress testing: Regulators are interested in stress testing now more than ever. While a number of regulators have clearly defined standards, some do not, requiring firms to respond according to their internal regulatory compliance policies. Lombard Risk offers training to help firms satisfy new regulatory requirements for liquidity stress testing and scenario, contingency fund planning and liquidity risk management policy documentation.

Find out how Lombard Risk industry and solution experts can provide training on best practices for risk management and regulatory compliance, the effective use of our solutions after implementation, introductory training for your new users, or even just a refresher course for your resident expert.

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