Deployment options

Flexible deployment options designed to suit your business needs and budget constraints

On-site implementation

Lombard Risk implements our solutions ‘on-site’ to enable our clients to have complete control over the management of their implementation and ongoing operation. Our solutions are easy to deploy and in many cases web-enabled, so consequently much of the infrastructure required for installation may already be in place, leading to shorter, more efficient implementation times. In addition, Lombard Risk provides feature updates to our software solutions twice per year to give our clients the flexibility to decide when to take advantage of the upgrades in alignment with their business priorities and resource availability.

Hosted solution (ASP)

Lombard Risk also offers several solutions as an ASP hosted service to allow our clients to take immediate delivery with reduced up-front fees and affordable monthly pricing. Our hosted solution lowers the deployment and operational pressure for our clients. Lombard Risk takes responsibility for the hosting, and upgrading of solution while day-to-day operational control remains with our clients. This option is ideal for small and mid-size firms with limited IT resources, or large organisations with a desire to use IT resources for other purposes.

Outsource Software as a Service (SaaS)

Further, our business partners offer a ‘one-stop-shop’ of service using our solutions to provide their customers with expertise and process management. When our clients outsource, they get the best of both worlds: Proven solutions to manage risk and regulatory compliance, and access to expert resources to improve their investment returns.

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