Key collateral management features

Lombard Risk COLLINE – designed and used by collateral experts

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Agreement management database

  • All international collateral agreement types are supported – including ISDA CSA, GMRA and GMSLA
  • Key agreement attributes, used to calculate the margin call requirement, are retained AS WELL AS an electronic version of the original agreement for easy reference, sharing and security

Automated exposure calculation and data feeds

  • The user-configurable Exposure Management screen and real-time dashboard displays the collateral requirements as they are automatically calculated
  • COLLINE interfaces with firms’ existing and external systems to re-use information efficiently
    (e.g. interest and FX rates, multiple trading systems, internal and external valuations, asset prices and credit ratings – and electronic messaging systems)

Exposure and margin management

  • The margin call workflow is optimised by intelligent automation through user-configurable business rules.  Customised notifications automatically inform counterparties of margin events
  • Users can see the status of key business issues – margin events, upcoming corporate actions, margin disputes, concentration limit breaches and collateral settlement status – on the real-time dashboard with ‘traffic light’ displays, with full drill-down capability for users to process events.  Users can create bespoke views on Exposure Management screens to reflect their individual business requirements and work processes
  • Margin events are managed by a comprehensive and configurable workflow that reflects the firm’s business process, through to completion.  Drill-down functionality on exposure statements enables users to see exposure at agreement, product and trade level, as well as view outstanding collateral balances.

Reconciliation and dispute management

  • Margin call disputes can be tracked and managed in different ways – e.g. by age, amount, counterparty and history
  • The integrated reconciliation engine enables differences to be reconciled and details of disputes and reconciliation results can be exported from the COLLINE reporting studio to help resolve disputes with counterparties

Asset and inventory management

  • The COLLINE Asset Manager provides users with an overview of the collateral inventory showing assets available for rehypothecation and confirmed and predicted asset positions.  The Asset Manager also accepts firm-wide positions to make available a wider pool of assets

Collateral interest calculation and statement

  • User-definable rules determine how the collateral Interest Manager calculates interest on cash assets, and statements are produced and automatically sent to clients for confirmation
  • All configurable interest periods, rates, spreads and internal firm financing rates are supported by the Interest Manager and, once interest is confirmed by the counterparty, forms part of the settlement workflow.  Users can track the status of the interest claim on the dashboard

Settlement status workflow

  • Progress of collateral and cash interest entries, including the reporting of failed settlements, is monitored and tracked in the settlement workflow
  • Upon approval, collateral movements can be processed automatically – in a straight through process (STP)
  • Conditional approval of booked collateral movements is achieved using either the 4- or 6-eyes process to ensure the appropriate level of monitoring and control

MIS reporting

  • Fully configurable report templates are provided including details of trade details, collateral holdings, exposure statements, mark-to-market comparisons and margin call dispute history and more
  • Reports can be run on an ad-hoc or scheduled basis, sent to specified email addresses and/or exported in XML, Excel or PDF formats for re-use

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