The Lombard Risk integrated product suite enables financial institutions to meet risk and regulatory requirements now and as they continue to evolve for collateral management and regulatory compliance.

REPORTER – Regulatory Compliance


Lombard Risk 2nd Annual Regulatory Update Conference highlights “the tsunami of regulation has become a series of overlapping waves”

Held at the Andaz Hotel in London, the conference attracted double last year’s audience with 300 registered delegates from 170 firms - The presentations given at this conference are available on request. Email

The increase in demand for regulatory compliance is a major challenge for firms around the world.  There has never been a better time to deal with the problem by installing REPORTER, the market leading automation solution.

(Lombard Risk REPORTER regulatory update conference 2015)

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Lombard Risk’s REPORTER keeps pace with regulatory requirements, automating end-to-end from data collection to electronic output, so giving you the ideal solution for all automated regulatory reporting requirements. With full support for key supervisory computations and powerful workflow, status dashboards, graphical presentation of trends and validations, REPORTER delivers huge savings in time and effort, reduces operational risk, and delivers significantly improved management information and management oversight.

  • Basel III, EBA / European common reporting – COREP and FINREP – and transaction reporting, as well as Solvency II for the insurance marketplace
  • Regulatory computation from raw data with comprehensive Capital, Liquidity and Large Exposures engines as well as detailed statistical computations
  • Automation of regulator-mandated and client-defined validation rules
  • Support for all transmission requirements including XBRL, XML and proprietary formats
  • Powerful data management functionality overcomes The Data Problem: fully automated cleansing, consolidation and normalisation of multiple data sources irrespective of data format
  • Highly automated Straight-Through-Processing (STP) enables exception-based management, ensuring regulatory reporting is automated unless manual intervention is needed
  • Workflow automation with detailed built-in events calendar neatly job-streams your production process enabling sign-off dependencies to be achieved under strict timetable conditions
  • Full security for all processes; 4 eyes or more, as each event can be workflowed through any number of authorised users
  • Trends and Variance analysis provides automated drill-down comparison tools, significantly accelerating review, reconciliation and sign-off.  Regulators’ enquiries are anticipated and easily answered
  • Dashboard with RAG (red/amber/green) status and personalised “to-do”view: users enjoy powerful work prioritisation tools and senior management obtain KRI and KPI information to aid operational enhancement

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