Designed to accommodate the compliance requirements of simple and complex, domestic and cross-border organisations ... at regulation level. ComplianceASSESSOR provides a centralised and dynamic means of assessing, evidencing and recording compliance against an unlimited library of regulations.

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A sophisticated, web-based collateral management application that streamlines and proactively manages all parts of the margin, reconciliation and clearing process. COLLINE enables best asset utilisation and improves risk management strategies

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Reporter and Reg-Reporter

A scalable regulatory calculation and reporting solution, with global coverage, that automates the entire compliance process for firms to meet current and ongoing regulatory demands

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Business intelligence with management information across products - with on-screen dashboards for graphical representation of complete and up-to-date information

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A generic solution for real-time regulatory reporting needs; will interface seamlessly with an organisation’s banking systems and does not have dependencies on any specific system(s)

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