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2016 ONLINE BUSINESS BRIEFING webinar series

Details -
Global audiences
Delegates receive presentation material and results of online poll
Time - Online events take no more than 1 hour and are run ON TIME and LIVE

Agenda - A comprehensive series of informative online business briefings addressing key issues in the financial services market
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The Lombard Risk series of online business briefings (which has been running since 2011) has been highly successful, well attended and attracted significant interest around the world.

The online business briefings are run in two streams:

  1. Regulatory updates – covering global regulatory issues, giving updates as regulations develop, sharing experience of financial institutions as they work to meet regulations and address the business/technology issues
  2. Collateral management and clearing – a highly regulated and increasingly important business area.  Firms continue to face more regulations imposed post-financial crisis e.g. Clearing, DFA, EMIR, Basel, IOSCO etc

Benefits of attending our online business briefings / webinars:

  • The events are FREE and LIVE
  • Speakers are business matter experts with in-depth experience in their topics.  Guests are often featured
  • Online polls are carried out during the webinar – the results of which are shared with the attendees
  • Delegates are able to ask questions IN ADVANCE and DURING the webinar.  A summary of the Questions and Answers are distributed after the event
  • Delegates receive a copy of the presentation material
  • Recordings of the webinars are available upon request

Delegates benefit from unique, first-hand experience from well-informed business matter experts that are dedicated to researching business issues achieved through direct contact with a wide range of financial institutions and regulatory bodies around the world.

I was on the webinar (this morning) James is very informative, although I do always feel panicked when I come off them when it becomes clear how much there is to do in a relatively short time!
We have built up our understanding of these regulations by attending Lombard's webinars, after which we feel better equipped to read and understand the regulatory papers
Thanks very much - really useful overview of the scope and timelines. Very helpful


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